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Personal Assistance

Providing a safe place for individuals to obtain knowledge, go on a creative adventure, or try new things that seem unattainable. Her we make dreams a reality.




Providing residential services within a home of 2-4 individuals in a community based setting.

"It relieves a lot of stress. I know who's got her, I know she's getting taken care of, and I know she's okay."

"Living at home and becoming your own guardian IS possible."

"This community based organization truly cares about the people they serve. The leadership's vision and mission matches their actions. I have never been more comfortable and assured that my son, Jeremy, has his Marshall family support and love. The staff who care for him 24/7 are long term employees and advocates who are on the front line of this difficult caregiving and mentor role who are angels doing god's work. My heart felt thank you, you are an example of how it should be for love ones not able to live at home."

Offers care at home to ensure your loved ones are safe while families go to work or for those individuals who live alone and just need the extra assistance.  Personal Assistance offers freedom and peace of mind most people need.

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