A family tree is important from the ground up, all parts equally important and need each other to survive. CGNL takes pride in knowing that each step along the way.

Our Leaves

The hand represents the solid strength binding the trunk and the leaves. Our employees get more interaction with our consumers, and its easy to say they are just as dedicated to the consumers needs.


Who We Are 


Helping Hand

Crystal and Ellen along with their families have a true desire to help those that live in Saline County. Being able to give back to the people of their community brings nothing but true joy.  

Their 4 children Jace, Connor, Jada, and Carlee have been taught that every person looks different, feels different and experiences life different but their feelings, and the way they breathe are the same. There are a lot of physical differences in humans but we are all just that.... Humans. And that is how their families treat you. Just like humans. Just like Family!


is more important

than your family!

The trunk represents the solid foundation needed to create beneficial progress towards a consumer's needs. It represents what supports the helping hands and the leaves. The sturdier the trunk, the more people we can help.

  • Residential Placement
  • Branch Out
  • Personal Assistance
  • Home Skills
  • Job Prep
  • Community Integration
  • Job Discovery
  • Functional Assessment
  • Behavior Consulting Services
  • Senior Behavior Consulting Services
  • Self Directed Support Broker

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Our Family Tree

The leaves represent a purpose for the trunk to be hard working and dedicated for the right reasons. Without the leaves, what does a tree trunk have to support, what do branches have to help?

Our Trunk

Live Like you choose!

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