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"Our family-like atmosphere, along with our trustworthy staff creates an opportunity you can believe in"

Our number one priority is the growth and success of your loved ones. We have built a well curated selection of services to help and improve the daily life of our CGNL family.

We are fortunate to have plentiful experience in caring for many over the years. Let us help you and yours as well.

Benefits Planning


Benefits Planning is a service designed to inform an individual about competitive integrated employment and assist them to assess if it will result in increased economic self-sufficiency and/or net financial benefit through the use of various work incentives. This service provides information to the participant regarding the full array of available work incentives for essential benefit programs including Supplemental Security Income, SSDI, Medicaid, Medicare, housing subsidies, food stamps, ABLE accounts, etc.

Live like you choose with us!

It is never too early to join our caring family. Common Good Natural Living welcomes each and every individual to begin utilizing our great services. Begin community life with us today.

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